Friday, July 31, 2009

Missing Students

I planned to do a revision on statistics with my 4SA girls today but majority of them are MIA. Only 6 girls were in class today (I was told there should be 9). The rest are either in the hall (prefect's installation) or are absent. I thought I saw Su Yi in school today. She's not a prefect, so I wonder how come she's not in class during the math period. How about the other 2 girls. I guess they have some explaining to do comes Monday Math class. So instead of doing the revision, I asked the girls present to upload their online assignments. There are still some girls who has not uploaded their assignment. 4SA girls, take note - the online assignments will be included as part of the formative marks for the August test. As for the test, students will be tested on Chapters 1-7. I've uploaded some revision questions on my site links for you all to revise. (All questions were taken from Koleksi Soalan SMS Muzaffar Shah)

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