Monday, July 27, 2009

End of Statistics Chapter

Today, I managed to finish the chapter on statistics for my 4SA class. We learned how to interpret and how to obtain information from an ogive. The following terms are usually associated with an ogive :

1. first quartile (The first quartile is the 25th percentile. It is that point
below which lie ¼ of the data)
2. median (The median is the point below which lie half the data. It is the 50th
3. third quartile (The third quartile is the 75th percentile point. It is that
point below which lie 75% of the data)
4. interquartile range (The interquartile range is the difference between the first
and third quartiles.

The following diagram shows how the values of the item above can be obtained from an ogive

After finishing up the chapter, we had a short quiz on statistics. The quiz questions can be downloaded here

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