Friday, July 31, 2009

Missing Students

I planned to do a revision on statistics with my 4SA girls today but majority of them are MIA. Only 6 girls were in class today (I was told there should be 9). The rest are either in the hall (prefect's installation) or are absent. I thought I saw Su Yi in school today. She's not a prefect, so I wonder how come she's not in class during the math period. How about the other 2 girls. I guess they have some explaining to do comes Monday Math class. So instead of doing the revision, I asked the girls present to upload their online assignments. There are still some girls who has not uploaded their assignment. 4SA girls, take note - the online assignments will be included as part of the formative marks for the August test. As for the test, students will be tested on Chapters 1-7. I've uploaded some revision questions on my site links for you all to revise. (All questions were taken from Koleksi Soalan SMS Muzaffar Shah)

Plan & Elevation

Today, I discussed questions on Plan & Elevation with my 5KA girls. Questions on this topic usually requires student to draw the plan (view from above), the front or the side elevation of a 3-dimensional object. The diagrams must be drawn using the actual measurements given. Every year this topic came out in the SPM Mathematics Paper 2. Students are advised to be well verse with this topic coz it carries 12 marks and are quite easy as it does not require any calculations to be done. Example of the questions on this topic are shown below:

The first part of the question usually requires student to draw the plan (view from above) of a solid object. Example :

Then the second part of the question usually requires students to draw the elevation of the combined solid (with another solid added or parts of the original solid removed) as viewed from the direction given.

These questions require students to imagine how the solids looks like when viewed from above or from the directions given.

See the answers here

Thursday, July 30, 2009

SPS Again

Yesterday and today I'm at the Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan (Educational Technology Division) in Bukit Kiara Kuala Lumpur reviewing more modules of the smart school school system (SPS). We still have a lot to go thru. I intentionally did not leave any work for my 4SA students coz I think they need the time to do revision on the more difficult subject like Additional Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Math or formerly known as modern math is the easiest of the science subjects. In a boarding school environment, all students will score A1 for the SPM examination. So that's why I'm not so worried about a class like 4SA. They'll be able to ace this subject with just a little help from me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

End of Statistics Chapter

Today, I managed to finish the chapter on statistics for my 4SA class. We learned how to interpret and how to obtain information from an ogive. The following terms are usually associated with an ogive :

1. first quartile (The first quartile is the 25th percentile. It is that point
below which lie ¼ of the data)
2. median (The median is the point below which lie half the data. It is the 50th
3. third quartile (The third quartile is the 75th percentile point. It is that
point below which lie 75% of the data)
4. interquartile range (The interquartile range is the difference between the first
and third quartiles.

The following diagram shows how the values of the item above can be obtained from an ogive

After finishing up the chapter, we had a short quiz on statistics. The quiz questions can be downloaded here

Friday, July 24, 2009

Student's Presentation

I had a presentation session with my 4SA girls today. The presentations covers the topic of Statistics (histogram & frequency polygons). 5 groups presented their findings on the survey that they did on their classmates. It's up to the students to determine the topic of their survey. The only criteria I gave them was it has to be an interesting topic. Overall all the groups were able to achieve the objective of this activity that is to collect, tabulate, draw graphs, analyze and make conclusions on the data collected. I'm quite impressed with the outcome of this activity. Sri Aman girls never fails to deliver.

Students are suppose to upload their presentation to the sriaman online school website at

Back In School Again

Finally I'm back in school again after spending 3 days in BTP, Bukit Kiara Kuala Lumpur scrutinizing the new Sistem Pengurusan Sekolah (SPS). We're not able to finish reviewing the SPS within the 3 days given, so we might be called again next week for another 3 days. There goes my classes again. This time I'm not so worried coz Datin Yap will be able to cover my classes when I'm away.

Today, I started Plan and Elevation with my 5KA girls. I decided to skip the Earth as a Sphere chapter coz its quite a difficult chapter. I'll keep it to the end. We learn how to draw plans (view from above), side and front elevation (side and front view) of a 3-dimensional object. Most of the girls are getting a grip on this chapter coz they are able to come out with the correct plan, side and front elevation of the 3-dimensional objects given. I'm happy to see that Safanaz is also able to come up with the correct drawings. Next math period I will discuss actual SPM questions on this topic.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy, Busy Busy.....

The last couple of weeks has been crazy for me. After coming back from the 4 days course in Shah Alam, I had to attend another meeting again in Shah Alam on Monday last week (missed my 4SA class but I managed to do something with my 5SA coz I arrived in school just in time for the class at 12.00 noon). Then on Wednesday, inspectorates from the PPD (District Education Dept) and PKG (Teacher's Activity Centre) came to look at the smart school program in Sri Aman (there goes my classes again). On Friday the school had the Co-curriculum and Prize Giving Day. So I didn't get to enter class the whole of last week.

This week I'll be away again from Tuesday till Thursday. Thankfully Datin Yap will be here to cover for me.

Today I revised again the topic of histogram and frequency polygons with my 4SA girls. The assignment below was given to them :

1. Work in groups of 5.
2. Collect interesting data from the members of the 4SA class.
3. Tabulate the data in a frequency table.
4. Construct a histogram or a frequency polygon based on the data using Micosoft Excel (integrating ICT in teaching & learning). The histogram or frequency polygon must at least have 5 class intervals.
5. Analysed the data collected. Example : Calculate the mean and determine the modal class.
6. Present the finding to the class on Friday (25 July) using powerpoint.
7. The group that is able to present the best report will get merit marks.

For those who doesn't know how to create histogram with Excel, you can watch the movie below showing steps of creating frequency table and histogram using the Excel

Histogram Movie

or you can refer to a step by step guide here. Good Luck.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Finally I'm able to update my blog again after quite a while. I was very busy doing all the administrative work that I had so little time to spend on my teaching and learning activities. I managed to finish off the mathematical reasoning topic for my 4 SA and Area Under The Graph for my 5KA before I was sent for another course for 4 days in Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan Negeri Selangor in Shah Alam.

The last topic for Mathematical Reasoning involves making conclusion by induction and deduction (Inductive and Deductive Reasoning)

Inductive and deductive reasoning are two methods of logic used to arrive at a conclusion based on information assumed to be true.Deductive reasoning arrives at a specific conclusion based on generalizations. Inductive reasoning takes events and makes generalizations

Looks like I have to continue another time. Suddenly I feel so tired and sleepy. It must be because of the hearty meal I had for dinner earlier.