Monday, April 20, 2009

Multiplying Matrices

Whew!!!!. At last, it's done. I'm talking about being observed by my head of department on my math teaching. Thank you Form 5 KA girls for being so cooperative. It didn't go as well as i have planned it (didn't get the new interactive white board to work), but it was okay. Don't know what my marks will be, but the important thing is that my girls understood what i'm teaching (hopefully this is true). You see, I'm actually trained as a science teacher. I've only started teaching maths about 4 years ago, so there's a lot of finer details of teaching math that i still don't know. Hopefully I'll get better as the years goes by. Thank you Pn Yeap for giving me guidance and tips on my teaching.

Anyway these are the slides and videos that I use in my Form 5 class today.

I'm putting these up for those 7 students that were not in class today. Good luck to Izzati, Shuhadah and Nani in the softball competition. Hope you'll make the school proud but don't forget to finish the homework on matrices that were assigned today. See you all on Wednesday...

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