Thursday, April 23, 2009


Got a surprise from my 5KA girls yesterday. Told them that I'm not giving them enough homework. Surprisingly they agreed, they wanted more written work to be given. I've heard students complaining about being given too much homework. Maybe the science students have more homework compared to the Arts stream students. Well I guess I will use some of the modules available to make life easier. The module for matrices can be downloaded here(courtesy of Sekolah Menengah Sains Muzaffar Shah)

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  1. Hi!! hehe..You dont give enough homework teacher..My dad use to tell me stories about his teen days where he use to go to his tuition teachers house every Friday night at finishes at 10.30pm.. but the thing is.. the teacher makes him and his friends stays until they finish all their sums..By the time they are will be 1 AM in the morning!!! It is CRAZY!! LOLS..Not that i want you to do the same for the 5KA students..(^-^) Anyways, besides that, his brother would give him 100 maths questions a day to do..This is another crazy stunt my dad managed to pull off..I have no idea how he survived his days doing all the questions..My point is the children of tomorrow are mostly getting very lazy...Sometimes i wonder what the world be like without all the advanced the game boy, computer games, nintendo DS..all these things are not needed to help the country progress to be a better society but doing the opposite thing..I see my younger cousins playing their nintendo DS like no one exists!! theis attitude towards people has changed..One time i asked one of them to help me take something because i was busy.. he said 'no'..shook his head then turned and walked away!! It was so rude.. But i said nothing to him after that..OK!! I am blabbing again... Anyways, i wrote this to say that teacher, please give more exercises and keep up the good work as a teacher!!