Monday, April 20, 2009

A Litte Guide In Studying Maths

1. Read what the teacher will teaching before you go to class.Reading mathematics is not like reading a novel or even history. Speed reading techniques are not appropriate.

2. Understand the concepts.

3. Practice.Be sure you understand the concepts before you practice. Then practice will help you remember and give you confidence in your mastery.

4. Keep up with homeworks. Mathematics is not a spectator sport. The only way you can learn mathematics is by doing it.

  • Understand the purpose of homework. Homework in mathematics classes is assigned to help you understand certain concepts and to help you build certain skills.
  • Try to understand the process, not the specific problem.
  • Mark homework problems you still do not understand and get help with them before the next class.
  • Keep your homework in a convenient and neat notebook so that you will be able to find questions or difficulties you have quickly and easily. This will also provide an invaluable study guide for tests.

5. Ask questions. Don’t hesitate.Get help right away. The longer you wait before getting help, the harder it will be to get caught up. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions and get help; even the best mathematicians have felt completely lost at some point.

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