Saturday, May 9, 2009

Extra Lessons

Had an extra session with my 5 KA girls on Thursday at Hazira's place. Surprised to see Hidayah (my ex-5SE 2008 student) there. It turned out that hidayah is hazira's elder sister. Glad to know that she'll be joining KDU to take a hotel management course there. Wish her the all the best in her studies. Five students were there at the session namely fatin, nina, siti, farhain and hazira. Glad to see that they're very serious for this upcoming mid year exam. We manage to cover 4 topics - sets, graph function, number bases and matrices and yes, they were able to solve all the problems given correctly. See...,math is not so bad after all. Used the PATS worksheets prepared by Pn Noraizah (thank you for that). I'll post the worksheets and answers asap. Manage to work closely with Farhain this time. I think she needs the extra coaching coz she's been missing quite a number of classes due to her Police Cadet activities. Hopefuly we'll get to continue our sessions again. I know the students can do much better if they put in more efforts in their studies. The best present for any teacher is to see that that their students are successful.

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