Saturday, May 23, 2009

Direct, Inverse and Joint Variation

Had to cover this topic during the exam week coz it will also be included in the midyear exam. Thankfully there was a break in the Form 5 exam schedule. Discuss the problems from PATS 5 with my girls. This is another topic that is very easy and can be covered in 1 or 2 periods only. The girls were able to solve the problems given. Its a happy moment for me to see the happy faces of my students when they're are able solve a problem. As I mention earlier, the 5 KA girls are my 'special' girls. I've seen a lot of changes in them. You see I've been teaching them since Form 4. This year they are more eager and serious to learn except one or two students. I really have to work more closely with this 'one' particular girl. It's quite difficult to give full attention to her coz I have one whole class depending on me (as oppose to my 4 SA class as majority of them are able to do maths with just a little bit of help). The extra class I have with a few of the 5KA students seem to be helping them cope with math. Maybe I have to schedule personal tuition for this girl after school. I'm always willing to help out coz I'm usually available after school (except when I have to go for courses or meetings).

I'm putting up this video on direct, inverse and joint variations for your revision

Writing Up Direct, Inverse and Joint Variation Formula

Direct and Inverse Variation Video

Joint Variation Video

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