Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It's been quite sometimes since my last entry. You see my girls are having their mid year exams now so there is no teaching going on. I really hope they will do well in their exams. The Form 4 have finished their Math paper but Form 5 still have Maths 1 on Thursday. My 5 KA girls didn't do so well in paper 2. I hope they can do better in Paper 1. Well at least the girls and I know the topic that they are weak in. Hopefully we can brushed up on these topics before the real SPM exam in November. I have high hopes on them coz I know they can do a lot better if they put more effort into it. The're so much that a teacher can do, the rest is up to the individual students. Success comes only to those who work hard, that's the law of nature.

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