Friday, January 29, 2010

HELLO 2010

It's already the end of the first month of 2010. How fast time seems to fly. It's been quite a while since my last update. Actually my original plan was just to let this blog die its natural death but today I accidently mention it to my 5KB class (i didn't plan it actually). Looks like it will be given another life line.

Well, what has happened in the last one month in school. Lots, actually. Firstly I'm very proud to say that my school was selected as one of the 20 schools nationwide that was awarded the status of High Performance School. The success is the culmination of all the hard work done by the students, teachers, school administrators , non-academic staff and not forgetting the parents. An organization can only achieve success if every one played their role to their best of abilities. Now, we have to work doubly hard to ensure that the trust put on us is fulfilled. It's scary actually..

This year I'm only given to teach Form 5 classes, namely 5SA and 5KB. I got to meet most of my 4SA girls again. In a way, I'm glad. Hopefully the feeling is mutual but I did mention to them that they have to bear with me for another year. This year is the first time I'm teaching the 5KB girls. It has been exciting coz there's lots of interesting characters in this class. So far so good (i think). I realized that i need to monitor some students more closely. Sometimes this is difficult given the 1 hour slot given to me each day for 3 days a week to be with them.

I've also started my training sessions with the teachers. You see, as an IT Coordinator, I'm suppose to train the teacher in using ICT. So far i've done 2 sessions with about 60 teachers on 'Online School' i.e showing teachers ways of giving online assignments to students using the school portal. Hopefully the teachers and students can really gain some benefit from this. I have one more session to go next Monday.

I've also given 2 talks on "Smart School" to parents during the orientation day and students right after the morning assembly. The response has been encouraging. Now the school portal seems to be more alive with new members.

Next on my agenda will be the SPS (Sistem Pengurusan Sekolah). The system is now ready with the school time table successfully uploaded with the help of En Saiful, the facilitator from Rebound Asia. There's been a lot of discussions on the SPS but from my personal point of view, I'm quite confident with this system compared to the earlier systems that were introduced to the Smart Schools. Me with a few of my fellow IT Coordinators have been reviewing the system for the whole of last year to ensure that it will be able to fulfill the school's need. Hopefully by March, we'll be able to use the system fully especially for teachers to do their lesson plans online.

Wow!!! This must be the longest post i've done so far. Got to go. It's time for the Maghrib prayer.

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