Friday, October 9, 2009

Final Exam

I can't believe it! It's already nearing the end of the year.Personally, it has been a good year for me. I'm very thankful for all the things God has bestowed on me. My view on life have gradually changed over the years. The worldly gains are not as important to me as it used to be. Being a teacher is something that I really treasure. Hopefully in the 18 years of teaching, I was able to touch some of my student's life.

This week is the study leave for the Form 5 but some of my 5KA girls were called back for extra classes. On Wednesday, they had a six hours session on mathematics with Pn Chan, En Cheah and Pn Yeap. I really hope these extra sessions will help them. They must realize that nobody is able to help them if they are not willing to help themselves. To Amirah Azhar and Nani, I'm really proud of both of you. You've shown that you can really do it if you work hard for it. To Syuhadah, Farhain and Sara, you can always come in for extra sessions with me after school. To Azreen and Azzin, you still have time to make improvement. It's better late than never.

The final exam for the Form 4 started on the 7th of October. I still have one more chapter to go, but I decided to finish it after the final exam coz this chapter won't be tested in the exam. I'm not worried about my 4SA girls coz I know they can do well in Mathematics.

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