Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blogging Again

It's been quite a while since my last update. It's not that I'm been so busy, it's just that the drive to write was not there. Writing does not come easily for me, I guess its just not my cup of tea.

School reopened on the 1st of September 2009. I managed to finished off the Earth As A Sphere chapter with my 5KA class before they start their trial exam on the 8th of September. I really hope that my girls will do well in this exam. I'm really amazed at the improvements shown by a number of girls in that class. Good Luck to all of you.

My 4SA class did quite well in the August test. Only 2 students were not able to score an A for the test. I'll have to monitor the two girls more closely. I really need to speed up on my teaching coz I just realized that I only have two weeks after the Hari Raya break before the final exam starts. Last week, I missed the Wednesday class coz I had to go for a meeting in Shah Alam. This week I will again miss the Wednesday class due to another meeting in BTP. Thankfully Datin Lee is around to cover for me. I really feel guilty when I had to miss my class but being the ICT coordinator of my school, I'm frequently called for meetings. I wish someone will take over my job coz I'd rather be teaching than doing all the administrative work.

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