Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Blessed Month

Today is the fifth day of the school holidays, so there's nothing to write about school. I hope all the teachers and students are enjoying their holidays. It is really a much needed rest for all of us. The Form 3 students must be working hard coz the PMR exam is coming soon. The Form 5 students also must use the free time wisely to prepare for the trial and SPM examination.

Today is also the fifth day of the fasting month. Starting Ramadhan during the school holiday is really a blessing. I don't need to rush in the morning to go to work. I'm also able to spend more time with my youngest son. This year is the second year he is fasting. Last year he only missed a day of fasting. I'm really proud of him. Hopefully this year he'll be able to complete the whole month of Ramadhan. This year is also the first year he is going to the mosque for the tarawih prayers. He looks forward to go the mosque every night partly because he likes to pray with his friends and partly because of the food that is served after the prayers.

Today I also did a talk on'teknik menjawab soalan' for SPM Mathematics for the children of the staff of the Public Works Department in Kuala Lumpur. This is my first time giving the talk. Overall, it went quite well. The students were very nice. I hope they'll gain something from my talk. As most students and teachers are aware, one of the most effective way to prepare for the SPM examination is to do the past years exam papers. Each year the format and the type of questions are the same. To be good in Math, students need to do a lot of exercises. There's a whole lot of trials exam papers that can be downloaded from the net.


  1. I wuz here...peeping at a very well done job here...keep it up.

  2. Sila jengok kat blog gpbnsde....ada maklumat terkini untuk respond.