Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm Alive And Well

I'm back after 3 weeks of absence from blogging. It's not that I've been away, its just that the urge to blog is not there. Today is the last day of holiday that the school took for Chinese New Year. The plan was to go back to my hometown for the holidays. The idea had to be scrapped coz three of my children will be having their major exams right after the holidays. They prefer to rest at home.

School has been busy for the last one month. I finally managed to finished all the trainings on 'Online School' and SPS with the teachers and administrators. Teachers have started to give out online assignments to students via the school portal. The teachers also seems to be happy with the SPS especially on doing the teaching plan online. Everything went well during the training. Hopefully everything will be smooth when we start to use the SPS fully in March. I've also introduced the ThinkQuest portal to my ICT and ICTL teachers. I'm hoping that they will be able to use this portal for their ICTL lessons.

As for my Math classes, everything is going on as scheduled. The March test will be on from 9th to 12 March 2010. I'm sure most of the students in 5SA will ace this one. As for the 5KB girls, I need to work harder with some of them. The problem with Math is you need to do lots of exercises to be good at it. There's a limit of what can be done in the 1 hour slot given in class. They have to continue on their own at home. This year the Math department has been kind enough to provide free workbooks for the students to practice on.

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